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Available Tools

Using GetItRight is an helpful way to check contents for any cases that may arise that could suggest plagiarism to a potential reviewer. Our plagiarism checker offers more sources and larger databases for cross referencing to help checking the originallity of your content and ending up with a unique article or publication.

GetItRight Grammar Corrector is a software tool developed to find grammatical errors in written contents. GetItRight Spell Checker which is a sub module of the Grammar Corrector checks and correct spellings. The Grammar Corrector seaches through the content to check for improper word usage and sentence structure, incorrect punctuation, and other obscure mistakes.

One of the issues with exchanging documents created with Microsoft Word or other word processors is that the formatting varies dramatically from one device to another. This can create frustration or make you seem unprofessional. With the PDF format, you can be assured that your paper will be viewed exactly as you intended. We offers a wide range of applications that is tailored to the specific requirements. Our tool enables easy conversion of documents and images to PDF format, a platform to write to PDF and creating your own custom PDF file with security password.

GetItRight read aloud technology is a type of assistive technique that reads digital text aloud. Our Text Reader provides solutions for e-learning contents, papers, media, and more through its online text-to-speech solution. With a click of a button the application takes words from the uploaded content and convert them into audio with controls to modify the pitch of the reader.

Our Plagiarism Checker

Standard Sources

The system is modelled to enable that each document passage is matched against billions of Internet documents sourced from top database libraries.

Multiple Format

The application provides easy way to analyze the report in different file formats. i.e DOCX, DOC, PDF and TXT. If you don’t want to copy and paste your text, the system alternatively allows to upload or drag and drop the document in the designated area.

Plagiarism Report

All scanned texts or documents are provided with plagiarized and uniqueness rate evaluated in percentage. This score shows how many plagiarised contents are in the scanned texts. Our system keeps the history and reports of scanned documents.

Highlighted Matches

Our tool has highlighted document view. If any kind of plagiarism is found in a document, the text is highlighted in yellow for notification. Unhighlighted texts shows the Unplagiarized paragraph or sentence of the document.

Viewable Plagiarized Sources

GetItRight shows the URL of source(s) of matched parts in the scanned document. The link can be clicked to direct to the webpage or document where the paragraph is suspected to have been copied.

Multiple languages

The system is not customized to scan English documents for plagiarism alone. With no linguistic barrier, whether your content is written in French, Español, Mandarin, Deutsche, our software speaks all languages.