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About GetItRight.

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About Us

Document plagiarism from source especially from the internet is a prevalent problem and can be seen as reuse infringement. Inspecting documents for its uniqueness can be time consuming using the conventional approach of comparing documents, which can be achieved in minimal time using a software tool. GetItRight is a web based automated plagiarism detector incorporated with other tools that yields accurate detection of document similarities using top database libraries as standard sources.


Using GetItRight is an helpful way to check your papers or documents for any cases that may arise that could suggest plagiarism to a potential reviewer. Our plagiarism detector offers more sources and larger databases for cross referencing to help checking the originallity of your content and ending up with a unique article or publication.

Attempting to search each line of your content directly through online search engines makes it extremely time consuming and difficult to spot where you may have made mistakes or duplicated someone else's work. However, our plagiarism detector software will highlight the exact content suspected to have been plagiarised with total percentage of matches accompanied with the source URL.

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